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The answer to Pivotal’s tricky questions: Security, security, security

Once again I was stuck on something with Pivotal, and it turned out security was the answer.

I have an app server rule that attempts to run a Pivotal query and checks for the returned results. Everything was working perfectly, except that the query never returned any results from my code. As it turns out, my user didn’t have the correct permissions for the table, so while the query would run without errors, it never returned any results.

A CDC employee suggested that I try this line of code immediately prior to running the GetRecordset function:

dataAccess.PermissionIgnored = true;

(dataAccess is the instance of the Appserver rule.)

If results are returned after trying this, then the problem is with the permissions. Obviously the right approach is to fix the permissions and not use this everywhere, but it did help me verify that the issues was related to security.

Posted by Avonelle on Thursday, November 05, 2009.

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