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Retreat day #2: Good weather and more cows

My luck continues to hold as today’s weather was just as beautiful as yesterday’s. So I was able to ride another part of the Wobegon Trail. Today’s section took me from Albany to Holdingford, which was a lovely little town with a sweet little rest area on the trail with bathrooms and a place to park.


But I’m getting ahead of myself. I first want to say that today’s route, while only having 1 town instead of two, was actually more interesting. You might recall that I described yesterday’s ride as dull (mind numbingly boring is probably a better description.) But today’s route included things like curves! And even some hills! Yes, I know. I ride a recumbent, and so usually I hate hills, but after yesterday’s ride was so flat and straight, I actually appreciated the variety of today’s trail. Also it wasn’t near any roads, which meant that it actually sounded like nature. Yesterday’s ride included a lot of nature visually, but you could always hear the cars and semis nearby. Today I mainly heard crickets.

It was really good that the route included more interesting things to look at, because Holdingford was 10 miles away from Albany. But it was a fun ride. The early part of the ride wound around trees and farms. There were creeks and a few drop offs. And I saw some pretty farm houses and some cows. I took a picture but it didn’t come out. (I wonder if these are the same cows from yesterday?)

When I got to Holdingford, I was in for a treat. You ride into the town by going through a covered bridge.


You cross a few streets, and then you find yourself in this nice little park. There was a family eating some lunch there. And a bunch of older female cyclists looking at a big map of the trail and discussing their next move. I didn’t encounter them again, so I’m not sure what happened to them.

Oh, and there is this really fun-looking wooden train:


I’ll bet that is really popular with the kids.

I rode a few miles out of Holdingford to see what was next, but never really encountered anything else. Since I didn’t see any signs telling me how far away the next town was, I finally gave up and returned to my hotel. That was probably the smart move anyway, because if I have a major mechanical problem with my bike, I’m not exactly sure how I’ll get back. It isn’t like you can throw the ‘bent in your typical 4 door sedan.

Like yesterday’s ride, encountered very few other riders. In total, I think I saw less than riders during my 28 mile ride. I assume that this is because it isn’t the weekend, and also because there isn’t a darn thing between these towns besides farms and woods. So perhaps most people don’t have a big desire to ride them all the time. Which of course begs the question: why were these trails created in the first place? Oh, here’s a bit of history on it.

Posted by Avonelle on Tuesday, September 01, 2009.

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