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Crazy Business Tip: Identify Yourself

StupidI got a letter today from a credit card company that is really lame. The letter is to inform me that they are changing the APR for my card.  Whatever. (This is not an unusual letter given the problems with many banks and other financial institutions.) But what was priceless is that they don’t identify themselves anywhere on the card or the letter. The letter says it is coming from “Cardmember Service”. It identifies my card by the last four digits of the card number. But I don’t think of my card as “7322”. I think of it as “Discover” or “Chase” or “Sears”, etc.

I read the letter twice. No where do they identify themselves. So, it is bad enough that they are giving me crappy news. They also increased my pain level by making me dig through my cards until I found the one with the correct number. Brilliant. (Gee, I hope none of my cards end in the same 4 digits.)

I would like to now thank US Bank personally for demonstrating real business savvy. Good job. I would like to nominate you for the stupid business of the week award.

Posted by Avonelle on Wednesday, May 06, 2009.

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