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How crazy are you?

Sometimes I get a good laugh out of job postings.You know the kind that I mean - where someone expects to find a programmer with 20+ years of experience with C#, for example.

Today I saw one that was quite amusing. First, the job title is "IT Manager", but as you'll see, the responsibilities have little to do with management of any kind. The are looking for a "current senior or recent graduate with a B.S. in Computer Science", so clearly they are looking to low-ball the pay. Here are just some of the tasks this IT Manager will be performing:

  • Administering a single Windows 2003 SBS server and about 10 Windows XP desktops/laptops
  • Converting videos. Occasional editing
  • Maintaining old software in VB6
  • Programming new software and functionality in VB6, C#, and VBA
  • Write code/scripts to help automate and/or simplify common tasks
  • Configuring new tests in our proprietary software for research
  • Database related tasks
  • Network and server administration tasks
  • Preparing the data for the analyst
  • Keeping the numerous files related to a project organized
  • Computer maintenance including hardware and software updates
  • Manage and update website CMS
  • Assisting others as needed

Quite a variety, eh? Later on  in the ad, they make it clear that "Programming skills are essential", although as you can see almost all of the tasks are non-programming tasks. And, while they mention writing new code in VB6, C# and VBA, my guess is that most of this job has nothing to do with new code. 

Good luck to them finding someone fresh out of school who thinks maintaining a bunch of VB6 in addition to doing data entry on their website for fresh-out-of-school wages is a way cool opportunity for them. (Hey, it would put that "IT Manager" title on their resume, and that's all that matters, right?) 

Posted by Avonelle on Wednesday, July 16, 2008.

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