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How to Fail Gracefully

I was very sad to read the news that SimonDelivers is going out of business. Up until the end of last year I was using SimonDelivers for regular grocery delivery. The company was always a class act, from the customer service people who you called if there was a mistake, to the delivery people who brought the groceries.  

The article notes that while they had an intensely loyal following, they had a hard time converting the masses. I think costs played a major role in that. When I first started using them, I think I was paying approximately about 5%-10% extra. At the time, it was completely worth it to me. However, when I did some analysis last year, I realized I was paying about 25% extra now, which translated to me to $50 a week or more. In my case, that made it no longer a viable alternative.

It is a real shame, because all my experiences with the organization were very positive. I hope that they all land softly.

Posted by Avonelle on Tuesday, July 15, 2008.

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