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Bummed to be missing Milwaukee

I'm disappointed to say I won't be attending this year's Deeper in .NET. After going to Milwaukee in 2006 for this event with Val, I had such a good time that I've really been looking forward to them doing it again.

Unfortunately, the timing doesn't work very well. It is on the same date as the Twin Cities Code Camp, and TCCC is probably a better fit from a practical standpoint. (It has more sessions, and while both events are free, the distance to Milwaukee means additional costs like gas and a hotel.)

Hopefully, they'll be able to have this event again next year so that I can attend it again. Val and I met so many nice and interesting people in Milwaukee, and the sessions were really good. I hope they have a really good event on Saturday.

Posted by Avonelle on Sunday, March 30, 2008.

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