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Onyx Boox announces new Nova3 Color

By Avonelle Lovhaug on 3/7/2021

I was pleasantly surprised to watch the announcement of this new device. I wasn’t expect a color note-taking device from them quite yet. I’m a fan of e-ink generally, and the Boox devices specifically – they have a lot of features, and are updated semi-regularly. I have a Nova2, and I use it quite a bit for note-taking and reading books and other documents. The size is optimal for me, because I can easily take it with me in a purse or other bag, which means I’m more likely to use it. The battery lasts a LONG time, and I prefer to use a stylus for several kinds of note-taking over typing. (Obviously there are plenty of cases where typing is preferable, but often jotting a quick note during a phone conversation or on the go is much easier to do with handwriting.)