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Make up your mind, developers!

By Avonelle Lovhaug on 3/25/2021

As is typical, industry news is filled with contradictions.


SQL TRY_CONVERT–I need to use this more

By Avonelle Lovhaug on 3/16/2021

I ran into an issue in a SQL stored procedure where I was using ISDATE to test a string before stuffing it into a date column

Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX–RequestQueueSize

By Avonelle Lovhaug on 3/12/2021

Today I ran into a strange problem with a complex form that in ASP.NET WebForms. My form is using Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX, and has (among other things), two RadAsyncUpload controls and two RadListView controls. The form had previously worked successfully but after adding the second RadListView control we noticed that the first RadListView control wasn’t getting populated in some circumstances.


New C# Feature Records will be added to Mercury too!

By Avonelle Lovhaug on 3/6/2021

I don’t generally follow information about new language features in C#, since my goal is to never use it. But I learned about C# Records from watching this video on www.60second.dev, and was thinking that would be a cool feature for VB too. Good news – according to the documentation here, this is a planned feature for RemObjects Mercury as well. Excellent!


New Chromium extension to translate C# examples to Mercury

By Avonelle Lovhaug on 3/4/2021

Theo has come up with a fantastic new add-on for Chromium that translates the C# examples on docs.microsoft.com to Swift, Oxygene or Mercury. Cool!


What matters more than the approach or tools? The people

By Avonelle Lovhaug on 3/1/2021

This post caught my eye this today, and it reminds me a lot of what I’ve been saying for quite some time. Everyone likes to focus on the tools or the development methodology (agile, waterfall, etc.) But the truth is that you can have successful waterfall projects, and successful agile projects. Yes, the approach can have an impact, but what’s even more important is the people. Do they communicate and work well together? Are they working towards the same goal, and is that aligned with the project stakeholder?

Automatic Web Forms to ASP.NET Core Conversion–is that practical?

By Avonelle Lovhaug on 2/26/2021

Part of me wants to believe that this product can really deliver a solution to migrate my Web Forms applications to ASP.NET Core. Certainly those of us with legacy Web Forms applications would like to see a successful tool that moves these applications forward without a complete rewrite.

On the other hand, since Microsoft isn’t supporting VB.NET on ASP.NET Core, in my case any migration tool would also switch it to C#, which isn’t my preferred way forward. Also, they seem to price based on the size of the project, and don’t provide clear pricing information on their site for any of their migration tools, suggesting to me that it might be cost prohibitive in many cases.

VB is an in-demand language

By Avonelle Lovhaug on 2/23/2021

Visual Studio Magazine reports on two new reports on language and technology usage that Visual Basic is a top in-demand programming language in 2021, above C#.


Why would I set Option Infer to Off?

By Avonelle Lovhaug on 2/21/2021

I had completely forgotten about the Option Infer feature in Visual Basic, but noticed it the other day when I was checking some other settings.


Who ya calling a "loser"?

By Avonelle Lovhaug on 2/18/2021

This article isn’t quite as bad as the title, Programming jobs for losers — and how to escape them | InfoWorld, would suggest. It is certainly true that some programming jobs (just like all jobs) are more fun and engaging than others. That being said, it is unfortunate that the article approached this by calling the programmers in these jobs “losers”.