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Mercury is released!

By Avonelle Lovhaug on 5/13/2021

RemObjects VB.NET compatible language was released last week, which is good news for those of us who want to use the language on previously unsupported platforms like iOS and ASP.NET Core. Visual Studio Magazine covered the release here.


New C# Feature Records will be added to Mercury too!

By Avonelle Lovhaug on 3/6/2021

I don’t generally follow information about new language features in C#, since my goal is to never use it. But I learned about C# Records from watching this video on www.60second.dev, and was thinking that would be a cool feature for VB too. Good news – according to the documentation here, this is a planned feature for RemObjects Mercury as well. Excellent!


New Chromium extension to translate C# examples to Mercury

By Avonelle Lovhaug on 3/4/2021

Theo has come up with a fantastic new add-on for Chromium that translates the C# examples on docs.microsoft.com to Swift, Oxygene or Mercury. Cool!


Mercury Project Settings Groupings

By Avonelle Lovhaug on 2/15/2021

As I continue to wrap my brain around RemObjects Mercury, I find myself getting tripped up on how the project setting levels work. This is a quick and dirty reminder for my purposes: