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Programming Extremism is bad

By Avonelle Lovhaug on 8/19/2022

People often refer to the polarization of our culture, and it seems to me that this polarization extends to more than just politics. You see it in things as mundane as software development, where various thought leaders will make statements such as “if you aren’t using <X methodology/framework/etc.>, then you are doing it wrong”.

Many of us find this extremism tiring and often wrong. If you find <X methodology/framework/etc.> “life changing” or whatever, I’m glad for you, but that doesn’t mean other approaches won’t work just as well for others.

Hillel Wayne wrote this fantastic piece about TDD where he refers to the extremists as “maximalists”, which is definitely worth a read. And to be honest, calling them “maximalists” is brilliant – much less negative than “extremists”.

Having been around the industry for 3 decades, I can honestly say these programming wars are ridiculous. Use what makes sense for your situation. Adapt when circumstances require it. Don’t turn your experiences into a religion.