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Reason #827 why Apple is awesome: iOS Quick Start

By Avonelle Lovhaug on 5/13/2021

I replaced my older iPad Mini this week with a fourth generation iPad Air, and was reminded of the fantastic way Apple makes the experience user friendly. Because I have other iOS devices like my iPhone 12 Mini, I just had to hold the phone over the new iPad, centering the animation that appeared on screen so that I could see it on the phone. Then I just had to enter my passcode and follow some prompts, and it setup everything on the new device, including WiFi, installed applications, and optionally restoring my older iPad’s backup. This support article describes the process, but honestly doesn’t do justice to the shear joy I felt during setup.

The process isn’t perfect – I still had to manually log into some of the transferred apps, for example, but even so, it is such a wonderful experience.

Compared to rebuilding my desktop Windows computer a few months back, it was quite a delight. Of course it isn’t really a fair comparison, but even so, I continue to appreciate Apple’s attention to detail and thoughtfulness around the user experience. UX is one of those things that I think is important, but most people spend a lot of time focusing on smaller details (form field entry and font sizes) and ignore truly transformative improvements like this.