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Onyx Boox Nova 2 Accidental Home Button Press Solution

By Avonelle Lovhaug on 4/29/2021

I’m a huge fan on the Onyx Boox devices – I use my Nova 2 almost every day for either note taking or reading. But one of the few issues I’ve had with it is that when I am taking notes, I often accidentally press the physical Home button when I rest my wrist. Then it pops me out of the Note application. Very annoying.

But I discovered a solution the other day. I’ve rotated the screen so it is upside down. Now the Home button is on the top, so I don’t accidentally press it with my wrist when I am writing. To do this, you swipe down from the top, then choose Rotate, and pick the upside down T. You can also add the Rotate option to your navigation ball, so you have easy access to it if you want to switch between regular and upside down regularly.