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Make up your mind, developers!

By Avonelle Lovhaug on 3/25/2021

As is typical, industry news is filled with contradictions.

Take for example this piece the other day: Developers: These botched software rollouts are costing businesses billions – TechRepublic

Sounds about right to me.

But now check out this: Think your developers are moving too slowly? This is probably what's holding them back – TechRepublic

With this delightful quote:

Developers aren't launching new code quickly enough – and blame burdensome testing and quality assurance processes for holding them back.

Oh dear, those “burdensome testing and quality assurance processes”. How awful for you!

Here’s a clue: quality is a feature. And many of your users would prefer quality. So stop whining that you don’t get to work on fun new features and instead focus on building better, less buggy code.