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The week of Microsoft Ugly

By Avonelle Lovhaug on 3/13/2021

I don’t know about you, but I had a bad, bad week of Microsoft.

First, I spent last weekend unsuccessfully attempting to update Windows 10 on my desktop computer. Thanks, Microsoft, for the helpful “Update Failed” error. Top notch help (not)!

Then, I had the joy of helping to patch an Exchange server that “may” have been compromised by HAFNIUM. In addition to confusing guidance, and multiple differing patches with the same name, their “delightful” tool for identifying if the server was compromised returned that it “may” have been. Gee, thanks, that’s pretty much what I knew BEFORE I ran your tool.

And of course there was the lovely Windows 10 crashes when printing due to Microsoft March updates fun. Hmmmm…I wonder why people would be disinclined to install Windows updates?

Maybe THIS is what Satya believes is leadership? Go ahead and criticize other CEOs all you like, but maybe you could spend some time getting your own house in order.