Avonelle Who?

Hi, I'm Avonelle. I love writing software that provides real value to my clients. When I complete a project, I want everyone to be excited about the results.

For some, the perfect job involves a big contract that requires them to sit in the office for months accummulating lots of billable hours. I'm just the opposite. I'm not interested in sitting in your offices trying to look busy and charging you mounds of money. When I work on your project, we'll agree to a fixed price. My objective will be to complete the work in the most time-efficient way possible. And while there are times when I will visit your office for meetings, you won't have to worry about finding a place for me to work there regularly.

My experience

My business career began at Norwest Bank, N.A. in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I developed training curriculum and materials on international banking software, and educated users at Norwest Bank branches across the country. Later, I developed software that was the key component of the NorwestWorks product, a pre-internet application that communicated letters of credit with export clients via the GE Network.

After leaving Norwest, I provided consulting services for over seven years through Shared Resource Management, Inc. in St. Paul, Minnesota. My clients included both private and public section organizations. In addition to the many applications I have authored, I have also developed software-coding standards both for SRM and their clients.

In 2004, I decided to leave SRM and venture out on my own. Since then, I have developed software for several organizations looking to gain a competitive advantage. My customers are typically small to medium sized companies or non-profits who use technology strategically to enhance their core business practices.

I have led several successful software development teams. My software creations have included an online survey application for Change Masters, Inc., and the award-winning HousingLink’s Housing Referral System.

I have written several articles for both print magazines and online sites about software development techniques and best practices. I have also spoken at several software development conferences, including VSLive!, Wrox Professional Developers Conference, and Microsoft Developer Days.

My name

Yes, it is different - thanks for noticing! My parents saw in the newspaper, and they liked it. Every once in a while I'll meet someone with a similar name (like Avanelle). By the way, it is pronounced: ah-vah-nell, emphasis on the last syllable. My sister's name is Roila, which is also unusual. (My brother's name is Leon, which is a family name.)

My writing

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